Tea Gong-Go Review Approach

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Thanks for stopping by my Review Page. I take my reviews very seriously here at Tea Gong-Go and do my best to be a valuable tea resource, so I thought it best to explain my methods and what I’m looking at in my reviews. Here is information on my review process for both tea and tea gear.

Tea Reviews

To ensure that new teas work using Gong-Go, I taste and compare two samples. One with the traditional Gong Fu method and the other Gong-Go. So far, I’ve not found any unsuitable teas for Gong-Go, however for many high-end teas cost becomes a factor. That said, all tea reviews get the following ratings from 1 to 5 leaves, 5 being highest quality:

  1. Dry Aroma – how does it smell fresh opened.
  2. Appearance – does the tea look nice or is it full of brown twigs
  3. Liquor – how does it smell/appear in the cup
  4. Taste – How does the tea taste
  5. Mouth Feel – How does it leave your mouth feeling.
  6. Infusion Ratings – individual rating/review of each infusion taste, smell, feel
  7. Gong-Go Rating – over all rating of this tea based on an average of all other scores.


Like a fine wine, good teas should not end up in a to-go cup but savored and enjoyed. I love sampling high-end teas and do review them. However, depending on their cost, I don’t always recommend them for Gong-Go. Whenever the “cost” comes into play on my Gong-Go rating I state so in the review and reduce the Gong-Go rating accordingly. If however, your budget can afford it, then by all means Gong-Go!

Tea Gear Product Reviews

Product Reviews are more complicated especially regarding durability and can require me to go back and update the review. Some reviews are for products I’ve had around for years while others are brand new. When a product is brand new, I will always identify the durability is based on first impressions and design. If over time I need to update the review, I will identify at the top of the review I have updated it, the date and why. Here are the areas I rate for tea gear reviews:

1. Design – is it aesthetically pleasing

2. Functionality – is it easy to use and accomplish what it’s meant to

3. Care – will it be easy to maintain

3. Safety – are there any safety issues

4. Durability – how does it stand up to use

5. Gong-Go Review Rating

Since Gong-Go is still new, the Review section is in its infancy. I‘ve tasted many teas over the years but have kept no notes, just reordering those I liked. As time progresses, I will review all of my favorites for Tea Gong-Go, building on this section weekly. I already have a long list and will keep everyone posted on what I’m reviewing next.

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