Get started with a bottom-dispensing infuser.

There is nothing better than modern convenience and the latest trend in tea over the last few years has been the introduction of the bottom-dispensing infuser. This is the key to the Gong-Go Style. The convenience of this device has taken tea on-the-go to a whole new level. I was first introduced these wonderful inventions while working at Teavana, but alas they are no more (thanks Starbucks). While I still have and use my old/stained/beat up Perfect Teamaker, I’m waiting to hear back from Starbucks on its production fate. They can still be picked up on Amazon though so I’m recommending them along with the Tiesta Tea Brewmaster and the Adagio Teas ingenuiTEA Bottom-Dispensing Teapot (I use all three). For fast tea on the go, one of these is a must. Three is even better, one for each type of tea: white/green, oolong & black/pu’erh.

Teavana Perfect Teamaker
Tiesta Brewmaster

Adagio ingenuiTEA

Next up – a kettle for precision and convenience.

Another incredible must have are the new pre-programmed kettles for getting your water to exactly the right temperatures with just the press of a button. My choice is the Krups Adjustable temperature Kettle. It has all the presets you’ll ever need to brew the perfect cup – I love mine and can’t believe all the years I went without one. If a new kettle is not in your budget, I’ll do a post on how to get the right temperature on a dime in the near future (sign up for my mailing list to get notified of important posts).
Krups BW710D51 w/preset temperatures

Another kettle with great reviews is the Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Gooseneck Variable Temperature Electric Kettle. I only mention it because of the great review Don at Mei Leaf did on his YouTube channel and it really is great looking!

Bonavita BV382510V

Last but not least – you’ll need a scale and Cha He (presentation vessel) to ensure you’re using the correct amount of leaf.

The AWS-600 Digital Scale is pocket size, accurate, comes with a 10-year warranty, and won’t break the bank. I also appreciate the battery saving feature – it turns itself off after a couple of minutes of inactivity.

The only part of the traditional Gung Gu set I use is for Gong-Go Style is the Cha He. The appearance of the dry tea is the second indicator of quality after aroma and this nifty little presentation vessel allows you to clearly see your tea, makes weighing it out a breeze, and getting it into your infuser a snap.

Cha He

And there you have it, all you need to get set up for Gong-Go. Well, excluding the tea of course. I think I’ve covered just about everything, but drop me a line if you have any questions – Gong-Go Guy.

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