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2016 Big Snow Mountain Series

I can't believe we're well into February 2019 already. Time sure does fly when your busy and I've been going, go, go since the new year started. Although I wasn't that impressed with this tea (a bit to dry for my tastes) I was inspired to branch out and try a few new techniques. I… Continue reading 2016 Big Snow Mountain Series

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FF 2018 Darjeeling Blend Series

Another short series again. I'm working towards posting more reviews each month and ready to start another one so I had to wrap this up. I also did some experimenting with some new techniques which took up more time than I had planned. I really like what I ended up with and hope you do… Continue reading FF 2018 Darjeeling Blend Series

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Wild Tree Purple Moonlight Series

The Wild Tree Purple Moonlight White Tea from Yunnan Sourcing turned out to be one of the best teas I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. If you've not tried it yet its highly recommended and there is a link at the bottom of this page for $5 off your first order. I tore through… Continue reading Wild Tree Purple Moonlight Series

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2013 Shou Mei White Tea Cake Series

Crazy week. Still learning the social media ropes & spent way more time than I should have on Instagram. Also had a rough time with this review. Turns out that foreign matter in sun-dried tea is not unheard of and I ended up having to revise the review for this tea after chatting with Yunnan… Continue reading 2013 Shou Mei White Tea Cake Series

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Black Cran-Orange Cinnalicious Series

The big day is almost here and baking has begun around my house. The smells of spices, roasting nuts and lots of hot tea have been heaven. I've really enjoyed producing these Holiday Blend series and a little sad to say this will be the last one for the year. I began editing one of… Continue reading Black Cran-Orange Cinnalicious Series

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Golden Moon Tea Sinharaja Series

I fell in love with this new Sinharaja from Golden Moon Tea and got one heck of a tea-drunk on it. Inspired by the citrus and honeysuckle notes, I did my best to reflect these in this series. Here is the image I started with. The honeysuckle reminded me of spring and the first piece… Continue reading Golden Moon Tea Sinharaja Series

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Apple Spiced Keemun Steamer Tea Blend

One of my favorite part of the holidays is blending up new teas. I always have bits of this and that from all the teas I buy left over at the end of the year and a budget that usually does not include purchasing new ones. I do however have lots of dried fruit and… Continue reading Apple Spiced Keemun Steamer Tea Blend

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The Mystery Pu’erh Series

These took a bit of effort. The pu'erh was so dark it wasn't easy to get any definition into new images. Once I got past that I liked the end result. I've put them in the order I produced them to demonstrate the process I go through. The final image consists of about 20 different… Continue reading The Mystery Pu’erh Series


Teavivre Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Series

I meant to post these last week but I got caught up in the whole social crossposting image cropping mess and never got to it. I gotten to the good as it gets point with cross posting images to social media so here is the Tevivre Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Series. As is now… Continue reading Teavivre Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Series

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It all begins with a bottom-dispensing tea infuser.

There is nothing better than modern convenience and the latest trend in tea over the last few years has been the introduction of the bottom-dispensing infuser. This is the key to the Gong-Go Style. The convenience of this device has taken tea on-the-go to a whole new level. I was first introduced these wonderful inventions… Continue reading It all begins with a bottom-dispensing tea infuser.