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Sencha Citrus Punch Iced Tea

Winter is finally over and Spring is popping up with color all over the place. We've had some serious wildflower blooms here in the desert along with our first 80° day, and the forecast is suggesting we might be hitting 90° next week. All this means its now iced tea weather. Since I also just… Continue reading Sencha Citrus Punch Iced Tea

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Gyokuro Moonlight Sour Iced Tea

Staying on budget is always a challenge. On my last two tea orders, I've had to settle for some smaller samples and delay my restock. As a result, I've been doing a lot of gong-fu size sessions and saving the leaves. In addition to blending my own teas, I also like to save spent leaves… Continue reading Gyokuro Moonlight Sour Iced Tea

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Black Cran-Orange Cinnalicious Tea Blend Recipe

Well, this is it for this Holiday Season's Tea Blend. Going forward I'll do them periodically for the season or holidays but have no specific schedule planned. Now that Tea Gong-Go is up and running I need to get back to editing a finished manuscript and the completion of one I started right before this… Continue reading Black Cran-Orange Cinnalicious Tea Blend Recipe

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Goji Berry Lime Punch

Wow - what a weekend. Managed to finish the Christmas shopping then got sucked into the abyss that is Instagram Stories. It took me a good chunk of the weekend, but I finally think I've got it down and a process in place for this social network. It's time to relax and I'm going to… Continue reading Goji Berry Lime Punch

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Apple Spiced Keemun Steamer Tea Blend

One of my favorite part of the holidays is blending up new teas. I always have bits of this and that from all the teas I buy left over at the end of the year and a budget that usually does not include purchasing new ones. I do however have lots of dried fruit and… Continue reading Apple Spiced Keemun Steamer Tea Blend

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Cash-strapped for the Holidays? Then Blend Your Own Tea!

Everyone loves the holiday season, but it also a drain on the wallet and limits the funds available for new teas. By this time of the year I also usually have a teaspoon of this and a bit of that, but by themselves, they are not enough for Gong-Go Flash-Infusion. Rather than sulk over the lack… Continue reading Cash-strapped for the Holidays? Then Blend Your Own Tea!