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April Tea Art

April is almost over and I've not kept up with posting my tea art except on Instagram. It would take me all day to post everything I've worked on this month, but here is a recap of my favorites: Hagiricha Mafuji Sencha Series Goji Tan San Shou Series Jian Cang Puer Series Mi Lan Xiang… Continue reading April Tea Art

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Going Gong-Fu: It’s All About The Pour!

The key to Gong-Fu style tea is based on two factors: water/leaf ratio and time. In the traditional Western style, you have small amounts of tea with large quantities of water and steeped over minutes. This tradition arose from the monopoly China had on tea when first discovered by the West. Being hard to acquire… Continue reading Going Gong-Fu: It’s All About The Pour!

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Going Gong-Fu: Teapots for beginners.

It all starts with the tea Teapots are proving to be an art and science all their own. I set out a couple of months ago to lean a more traditional gong-fu style and purchased two pots then ordered five more. What I’ve learned since then could fill a book, but since I’m writing a… Continue reading Going Gong-Fu: Teapots for beginners.

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Introducing Monthly Tea Hauls

Hello dear reader, I hope this update finds you enjoying your favorite cup of tea and all its well in your world. Over the last few months, I've learned lots, made a few mistakes, and met some amazing new tea buddies. Always on the lookout for what works and what can be improved, today I'm… Continue reading Introducing Monthly Tea Hauls

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Going Gong-Fu: Getting started on a budget (part 2)

I was inspired to do this post by a recent tweet from one of my fellow bloggers Kimberly from Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. Turns out she had a great find at one of her local charity shop: a beautiful Japanese Kyusu for only £2.50. That's about $3.25 in the US. With that… Continue reading Going Gong-Fu: Getting started on a budget (part 2)

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Going Gong-Fu: The Evolution of a Tea Addict

For anyone who knows me, change is not something I gravitate towards. I like tradition, continuity, and the familiarity of well-worn habits. When I started Tea Gong-Go my goals were to share what I'd learned about flash fusion brewing coupled with more modern infusers. However, cost factors have come into play and if there is… Continue reading Going Gong-Fu: The Evolution of a Tea Addict

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Another Tea Art 2Fer

I'm back with another 2fer in this post. I wasn't so impressed with the Upton Tea Imports Idulgashinna Estate black tea in my last review but it didn't stop me from making the best of it. If you haven't checked out my Sencha Citrus Punch Iced Tea recipe it's very easy and so so good. … Continue reading Another Tea Art 2Fer

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Sencha Citrus Punch Iced Tea

Winter is finally over and Spring is popping up with color all over the place. We've had some serious wildflower blooms here in the desert along with our first 80° day, and the forecast is suggesting we might be hitting 90° next week. All this means its now iced tea weather. Since I also just… Continue reading Sencha Citrus Punch Iced Tea

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Zi Cha Purple Black Tea Series

Well, I'm back again with my latest series I just wrapped up this morning. I really enjoyed drinking this Zi Cha from Yunnan Sourcing. I've had a few "purple teas" that were downright awful, but this was not the case. The unique flavors of the anthocyanin were perfectly balanced for a pleasing and unique cup. Here's… Continue reading Zi Cha Purple Black Tea Series

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Gyokuro Moonlight Sour Series

Guokuro Moonlight Sour has turned out to be one of my best blends for iced tea. I'm going to stock up ASAP on both Nio Tea's Gyokuro Cha Mesume and Yunnan Sourcing Wild Tree Purple Moonlight (Scott said 2019 would be available sometime in the next 30 days). Here's where my art went with this blend.… Continue reading Gyokuro Moonlight Sour Series