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2007 CNNP 8891 Red Label Series

Time has been at a premium lately and my series keep getting shorter and shorter. With the extra time it takes me to review a pu'erh (10steep+) you'd think these series would be much longer, but I've been working more on technique rather than quantity. My Redbubble store is also taking up some extra time.… Continue reading 2007 CNNP 8891 Red Label Series

Tea Art, Tea Extras

Liu An Gua Pian Series

Spent a few days in San Diego last week visiting an old friend from England I've not seen in 28 years. It's amazing how time flies but you can just pick up where you left off. This green tea from Teavivre was an amazing experience. The notes of bok choy turned me into a fan… Continue reading Liu An Gua Pian Series

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2016 Big Snow Mountain Series

I can't believe we're well into February 2019 already. Time sure does fly when your busy and I've been going, go, go since the new year started. Although I wasn't that impressed with this tea (a bit to dry for my tastes) I was inspired to branch out and try a few new techniques. I… Continue reading 2016 Big Snow Mountain Series

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FF 2018 Darjeeling Blend Series

Another short series again. I'm working towards posting more reviews each month and ready to start another one so I had to wrap this up. I also did some experimenting with some new techniques which took up more time than I had planned. I really like what I ended up with and hope you do… Continue reading FF 2018 Darjeeling Blend Series

Tea Art, Tea Extras

Yunnan Purple Beauty Series

The Yunnan Purple Beauty tea turned out to be rather unusual. While not a winner for me I'm glad I tried it and was impressed by the pink grapefruit color. It's been a busy week for me so this series was rather short. I hope you see something you like. All works in this series… Continue reading Yunnan Purple Beauty Series

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The Art of Tea – Getting started with flash-infusion brewing.

For those following my blog you know I take pictures of the tea I review and turn them into art - this post isn't about "tea art" though. What I'd like to talk about today is the "ART OF TEA." If you Google "art" they return a definition at the top of the page that… Continue reading The Art of Tea – Getting started with flash-infusion brewing.

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Wild Tree Purple Moonlight Series

The Wild Tree Purple Moonlight White Tea from Yunnan Sourcing turned out to be one of the best teas I've ever had the pleasure of drinking. If you've not tried it yet its highly recommended and there is a link at the bottom of this page for $5 off your first order. I tore through… Continue reading Wild Tree Purple Moonlight Series

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Researching The Best Tea Vendors

There's nothing more exciting for the tea lover than receiving that big haul of tea ordered from a new tea vendor. And nothing worse than not getting what you expected and hating it. Though not starving, as a writer, blogger, and artist my tea budget is finite. Like most people, the funds I have for… Continue reading Researching The Best Tea Vendors

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2013 Shou Mei White Tea Cake Series

Crazy week. Still learning the social media ropes & spent way more time than I should have on Instagram. Also had a rough time with this review. Turns out that foreign matter in sun-dried tea is not unheard of and I ended up having to revise the review for this tea after chatting with Yunnan… Continue reading 2013 Shou Mei White Tea Cake Series

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Imperial Pure Gold Bi Luo Chan Series

Sourcing tea for this blog is a bit of a challenge. Of everything I have to do, picking which teas to purchase and review takes up more thought than anything else. Once I identify a tea I want to review I have to look at the cost, see if anyone else has already reviewed it,… Continue reading Imperial Pure Gold Bi Luo Chan Series