About Me

Drinking tea has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. There has been a tradition of sharing a hot steaming cup in my family for four generations now – I even introduced it to the latest one.  A prisoner of war during WWII, my grandfather spent months in Britain recovering from his captivity and fell in love with the beverage then. After returning to the US and his family, he continued his afternoon tea until the day he left us, and I’m proud to carry on that tradition today.

During the Great Recession, work in the tech industry all but dried up and after doing any odd job I could find, I eventually landed at Teavana where they introduced me to a whole new world of tea. Their extensive training program provided me with an even greater appreciation of this amazing leaf and was the gateway to what has become a passion I feel privileged to share with you.

If I’m not drinking one of my favorites or trying out something new, you can find me honing my skills as a writer, whipping up something wonderful in the kitchen, tending my heirloom tomatoes, working on tea-art projects, or playing with my dogs – always with a cup close at hand.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you stop by often!

Gong-Go Guy (aka Todd, aka TJ, aka Reed – I wear many hats)