Gong-Go Sessions: Little Lullaby

Teas that hold up for many steeping are like a gift from on high.”


While I do adore spring green teas, they don’t always have the best staying power. The light processing results in a lighter tea that is best in the first couple of steeps and rarely lasts more than five. On average I’d say if you can get three steeps of off a green tea leaves you doing good.

Not so with white2teas Little Lullaby. I started this densely packed “mini” tea cake yesterday and its still brewing up a very fine cup today. I’m pretty sure this is the most densely packed cake I’ve ever had and wonder if this is having any impact on how long these leaves are lasting for.

After quite a few steepings, I gave the leaves a bit of a poke and still found the center of the disk dry and ready for another brew. I was pretty amazed and pleasantly surprised. The last Bia Mu Dan I had did not preform well after about three pots.

The fragrance coming off the wet leaves is sweet with some cacao notes while the liquor is all peaches and apricots. I think this was actually a free sample, but either way I’m planning on getting one of the larger bings. Here’s what white2tea had to say about this offering:

A minit cake of our high grade baimudan [white peony] Lullaby white tea from Yunnan.


The caramel flavors of Yunnan Red (black) tea perfectly finish the dominant stone fruit notes of its body. I’ve been expecting the fruitiness to drop off but each cup is wonderfully sweet and keeps on giving. I wish I’d kept track of the number of steeps I’ve gotten; I think I’m at around ten and its still going strong. It’s staying power had me thinking about a long term project I’ve been working on for years now. After taking a six month break, like this tea, I think I have a bit more to give and have dusted it off for a new round of work.

I’ve recently switched to some larger cups, cutting out the need for a tea pitcher.

Garden Art

Since the desert heat is starting to climb I’ve been spending as much time in my garden as possible. I also picked up a new garden rooster made from recycled material that I fell in love with on sight.


Of course I had to include him in the garden art I worked on this week.

Tea Art – Little Lullaby Series

My tea art series was just as short and sweet as this amazing tea. If you’ve not tried it you should!

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