Gong-Go Sessions: Hot Brandy (white2tea)


I’m ditching “tea reviews” for Gong-Go Sessions.

A fellow blogger asked me the other day how Hot Brandy tasted? My answer: “Haven’t given that much thought yet. Just enjoying where it takes me.”

Right then I knew I’d probably written my last review. The best tea sessions by their very nature are a journey. Whether of tastes, thoughts, emotions or all the above, where tea takes me is what I enjoy the most.   The thrill of something new or finding comfort in an old favorite. Seeking answers, contemplation. Wisdom. All these things, and more, I find in tea. In this session of white2tea’s Hot Brandy, I found a cup of change.

So I’m saying goodbye to tea reviews and introducing Gong-Go Sessions. Wish me luck!


Those big moments in life are best shared with tea, and later, remembered through them.



Beautiful weather screamed Garden Tea Party this week, and I took my tea outside to get some dirt under my fingernails. It’s my favorite time of the year in the desert, not too hot or cold, and the best place to be really is outside.


The spicy forest notes of white2tea’s HB said to get out of the house. Once there and tending to my sunflowers I thought about how different Hot Brandy was from other teas being a pressed blend of both black and white teas. It also struck me how similar my blog was to others. Thinking outside the box I sat down on the patio for another cup, considering what I could do with Tea Gong-Go.


My best thoughts arrive on my knees, hands covered in dirt, and it was there that changes to Tea Gong-Go began to take shape. Rather than write reviews, I decided to shift towards sharing my experiences with tea in sessions instead.


A decision made, I dusted myself off, sat down on the patio another pot. Sipping my cup, I was savoring the spicey notes in Hot Brandy when the sunflowers by the back fence caught my eye. Their golds and brows looked like the flavors in my cup so I moved my teapot to the foreground, placing the sunflowers in the back for a few shots. Sharing my art and exploring new teas are such a passion right now that removing the chore of writing reviews has put me in a creative fervor. I posted a series of six on my Instagram, I think these three got the most attention.

Since I spent most of the week camera in hand, the little time I got to work with Hot Brandy was a real treat. The richness of color and texture of leaves were very exciting and what attracted me to Hot Brandy in the first place. Since a good chunk of my week went to a redesign of Tea Gong-Go! I only did this one small series.

After ditching all the structure that comes with “reviewing tea” a sense of freedom and fun propelled me through the week as I finished off the last of my Hot Brandy. I know one night I was up in the 20s for the number of infusions I coaxed out – tea drunk and happy with the decisions I made,  I even took a few selfies!

May is shaping out to be a great month. I got started off on the right foot and like where I’m heading. Taking a note from white2tea’s Hot Brandy, I spiced things up nicely for a fresh start.

#teaaddictpsx_20190508_172634_20190508173011797My sessions with White2Tea this past week were BIG. Sip by sip – I a found a new direction I’ll always remember as HOT BRANDY…

Cheers ~ Gong-Guy

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