Milan White (white2tea)

Gong-Go Rating:


Results: Woodsy, earthy, sweet, and fruity – Milan White is everything you want in a shou mei. The added minerality of Dancong notes beefed it up a notch for a unique treat.

Vendor: white2tea

Tea:Β Milan White

Type: White (Shou Mei)

Origin:Β 2019 Harvest, Milan varietal, Guangdong Province, China

Tasting:Β 7grams / 185Β°/ 150ml / 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s (seconds)

Gong-Go Gear: Tangpin White 150ml teapot

Average number of infusions:Β 6 (boil spent leaves for iced tea)


PSX_20190504_120656Over the last few months, I’ve really come to gravitate towards shou mei style white teas. The foresty notes really appeal to my palate, and I’m having a hard time keeping them in stock. Every time I get a new order in I find myself wishing I’d gotten the bigger bag. White2teas Milan White was no exception (only one bag size).

From the first sip, I was again savoring the wonderful and intricate fusion of flavors sun drying brings out in this tea. But there was something more. Something familiar that I couldn’t put my finger one until I went back and read what the vendor had to say about this tea:

This tea was processed from tea that is usually destined to be made as Dancong oolong, made from the Milan varietal from Guangdong province.


I don’t normally read vendor notes in any detail. Typically my artistic instincts are the first factor that draws me to a particular tea. If it presents well usingΒ in myΒ art, I’m generally sold; as long as its a new tea I’ve never had before. It’s not until after I’ve had a few sessions, taken my notes, and sat down to write a review that I go back and see what the seller had to say. When I did so the familiar minerality of Doncong became clear. I just wasn’t expecting them in a shou mei but what a nice surprise.

MW_featured004_05042019I should note that their website lists this tea as “White Milan” however the packaging says “Milan White”. Since that whats stuck in my head I’m going with it. I also had some issues with this bag and its construction. I’ll be going over more about both when I wrap up this months tea haul and the five teas I’m reviewing from white2tea.

Woodsy, earthy, sweet, and fruity – Milan White is everything you want in a shou mei. The added minerality of Dancong notes beefed it up a notch for a unique treat.

From my Milan White Tea Art Series

Unable to get enough, I kept brewing my leaves over and found it to be very forgiving with no bitterness; even after long towards the end of my session. As with all really good teas, I lost count of how many times I brewed some sessions and just kept going until I ended up with faintly colored/flavored water. Anyone looking to expand their shou mei experience should give this one a try. It doesn’t disappoint.


Gong-Go Tasting

Dry Aroma:


All the rich notes of a forest in autumn



Breathtakingly delicate whole golden brown leaves, buds, & stems



From pale gold to golden brown as you work through a session with a spicy aroma



The perfect fusion of forest, dried fruit & minerals

Mouth Feel:


Slightly dry with a refreshing tingle

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 1 :


Caramel with a distinctly sweet finish

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 2 – 3:


Dancong minerality pops out but maintains that sweet finish with a touch of oak

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 4 – 6:


The body bursts with dried peaches as its minerality fades

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 7-10:


Mostly spent with the leaves being more suited to boiling


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