April’s Tea Haul Recap of Seven Cups Fine Teas

Pixlr_20190317132840964Well, the first month of my new Tea Haul format has come to a close. One of my goals with dedicating each month to a new vendor is to provide a recap of my experience with their products and service. While  I won’t be giving them star ratings I will touch on some specific areas:  Website, Shipping, Packaging, Customer Service, & Value.

The idea to change my review format from random teas to something more structured fell into place after I had already ordered a few months worth of tea and unpackaged them. It may not be until July or August before you see any shipping photos, sorry.  In fact, I don’t even have the package anymore for the Mi Lan Xiang Oolong I reviewed early in the month.


Okay, down to the nitty-gritty. SevenCups.com has become my go-to site when I have pronunciation questions about Chinese names or looking for general information regarding tea. As a researcher, I’ve found them to be a wonderful source of information providing details spanning cultivation, production, histories, and legends on all their offerings. Easy to navigate and very secure, I was impressed by how much thought, care, and effort has been given to this website.


Believe it or not, I received my very first order with Seven Cups on the next day – no lie! I ordered early Friday morning and got it Saturday. Each tea was bubble wrapped and then boxed so that nothing arrived crushed, torn or damaged in any way (sorry I don’t have pics). Since my order was over $50 my shipping was also free, but rates start as low as $3.66 for 25grams. I wasn’t left wondering either as they emailed me regular updates through the entire shipping process.

Product Packaging:

IMG_20190430_100639Packaging is important. Too often I get crappy bags that break the first time you open it. Not so with Seven Cups Fine Teas. As you can see from the cover photo, I put these bags through the wringer and they still open and close just fine. I was also impressed by the back label they provided on each tea. Having just the name of a tea and nothing more is not my idea of good packaging, but here we get all the specifics. No need to jump onto their website to remind yourself exactly what it is your drinking. Although some of the labels were not printed as well as others I find having this information in my hands extremely helpful. I do wish they would include gong-fu brew times too.

Customer Service:

So many factors go into good customer service and this vendor hit them all: an informative secure website, fast shipping, great packaging, and customer engagement. All my email questions were answered in less than a day. I also think it’s important for vendors to engage with their customers & was pleased with the responses I got from them on social media and even invited me to come to their tea shop and try some tea with them. They also produce a monthly newsletter with some excellent discounts that will keep me reordering on a regular basis.


I don’t like to talk cost, but I don’t like to wait weeks for my tea order to arrive either. While a little more pricey than companies shipping from other countries, being able to get my order in a matter of days makes Seven Cups Fine Tea’s a great value for consumers in the US that want the highest quality tea shipped fast and great customer service. All of the teas I reviewed this month were top notch. I’ve already received second order of some exceptional 2019 green teas that I’m drinking my way through and will be reviewing in future posts. If you haven’t tried Seven Cups yet, put them on your list – you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been searching for another good vendor in the US and Seven Cups Fine Teas has proven themselves to be more than your average online tea shop!


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