April Tea Art

April is almost over and I’ve not kept up with posting my tea art except on Instagram. It would take me all day to post everything I’ve worked on this month, but here is a recap of my favorites:

Hagiricha Mafuji Sencha Series

Goji Tan San Shou Series

Jian Cang Puer Series

Mi Lan Xiang Series

Black Gold Bi Luo Chun Series

Bia Mu Dan Series

Lumbini Estate OP1

I’m definately going to keep up with these posts moving forward, waiting until the end of the month makes for a very big post. Hope you see something you like. I reviewed some great teas this month and was inspired in all kinds of directions. I’ve got one more series & review left that I’ll have up in a few days.

All images are available as high definition acrylic prints. Contact me directly for more information at teagonggo@gmail.com

You can also find some of my art at my Redbubble shop here: http://bit.ly/GongGoGuy

If there is a piece your not seeing in my store, let me know and I’ll make it available ASAP.

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