Jian Cang Puer (Seven Cups)

Gong-Go Rating:


Results: The perfect introduction to Pu’erh teas, I enjoyed this Jia Cang immensely. Without a touch of astringency or bitterness, the finish was sweet and juicy, complimenting the deep dank upfront peat notes of its body.

Vendor: Seven Cups Fine Teas

Tea: Jian Cang Puer (Home Store Puer)

Type: Pu’erh

Origin: 2012 – Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China

Tasting: grams / 212°/ 150ml / R15x(x2)-10s-15s-20s-35s-45s-55s-75s-90s-180s

Gong-Go Gear: Tangpin Black Glazed 160 ml (CeraricTeapot)

Average number of infusions:  6



Not yet ready to dive deep into purchasing pu’erh cakes and aging them myself, I was really pleased to find this offering by Seven Cups Fine Teas from Tuscon Arizona. I’ve been meaning to place an order from them for a while now and was blown away when it arrived the very next day (we’re in the same state – lucky me). The more I try different pu’erh the more I enjoy them – they really are an acquired taste.

JianCang_MAP_04032019Like all pu’erh, this tea is a product of Yunnan but comes out of the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture know for its Dia Culture.

According to Seven Cups, this is a popular version of Pu’erh in China due to its affordability and thus the name Jia Cang or “Home Stored.”

A shou pu’erh, Jia Cang has been piled and fermented then aged for the last seven years.

I can’t brag enough about how much I enjoy this tea. Dank and earthy with notes of peat and the deep forest, it had no bitterness or astringency. Each sip was better than the last and left an aromatic sweet finish on the palate. One thing to note was the consistency of the flavor profile of Jia Cang. Other than depth going from light to stronger then back again, there was no change in how it tasted – just the strength which began to fall after the 6th infusion. The first photo below shows the first infusion after the rinse and the second about the 5th or 6th. As you can see the color got much dark and the flavor was also more pronounced. I really fell in love with this tea and as Seven Cups states on their website this is a great introduction to Pu’erh teas.



Gong-Go Tasting

Dry Aroma:


Smokey and dank.



Gorgeous chocolate brown



Ranging from amber to black coffee



Extradinary notes of smoke and forest.

Mouth Feel:


Juicy and smooth with a sweet finish.

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 1 :


The first infusion was light and refreshing

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 2 – 5:


Deep and rich with notes of peat, smoke and juicy sweet finish.

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 6 – 12:


Progressively lighter but the flavor profile is consistent. I’ve gone up to a dozen or so steeps and still enjoyed it as much as the first.

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