Going Gong-Fu: The Evolution of a Tea Addict

For anyone who knows me, change is not something I gravitate towards. I like tradition, continuity, and the familiarity of well-worn habits. When I started Tea Gong-Go my goals were to share what I’d learned about flash fusion brewing coupled with more modern infusers. However, cost factors have come into play and if there is one thing that spurs me towards change it’s my pocketbook.

Like many new bloggers, I’m not earning anything off my blog. While I held out hopes that I’d found a niche market that I could cash in on, its the pleasure I get and not a cash flow that has kept me going. Last month after spending more than I should have, I had to take stock on how to approach this blog and what my goals were.

If you’ve been following me since I started, you may have noticed that I began gravitating towards the Gourmia infuser I reviewed a few months ago. I had a bunch of small samples and all my other infusers required more leaf than I actually had. When the plastic parts finally gave out I signed up for Aliexpress and began scouring it for a better replacement. I just can’t afford to buy large samples every month.

During the course of my search, I found a number of retailers offering Gong-Fu size pots without the Gong-CRAZY price that comes with most yixing pots. Since then, I’ve purchased a six. Combined they cost me less than many yixing pots out there.

While I still have and use my Brewmaster & ingenuiTea infusers when I need a quick fix or want something to go – my daily routine has come to center around more of a Gong-Fu practice that I’m growing fonder of each passing day.

Going Gong Fu_body001

I’ve learned quite a lot about pots and Gong-Fu style brewing over the last month. Most surprising is that I LIKE IT! Rich with tradition, I’m finding that it suits my character and the smaller pots allow me to better manage my budget while still trying as many new teas I can get my hands on.

All that said, I’m starting a new series with this post: Gong Gong-Fu. A kind of Gong-Fu beginners guide on how to get started and what I’ve found does and does not work. For example, everyone new to Gong-Fu wants a water tray to catch the water and rinse: what they don’t tell you though is about the chemicals used to waterproof these trays, their tendency to mold, and that a tea boat is a much better way to go when you set up for your first tea set.

I hope you’ll stick with me on this journey. I’ve got quite a bit planned already and already working on the next post in the series as my tea journey continues.

Thanks, Gong-Go Guy

Next post in the series – Going Gong-Fu: Getting started on a budget.





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5 thoughts on “Going Gong-Fu: The Evolution of a Tea Addict

    1. Thanks I actually plan to plug you and your blog in my next post. Your recent teapot find inspired me to hit up my local thrift stores and see what I can find but plan to use your good luck as an example if that’s okay with you


        1. I hit them up today and got a new pitcher and tea boat for $3.00 woo hoo. I tried to include your find in my post but couldn’t figure out how to get your beautiful pot to appear, just a link. I sill mentioned you as the inspiration for the post and will have it up in a day or so. I just need to take pictures and do final edits. Cheers!


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