Another Tea Art 2Fer

I’m back with another 2fer in this post.

I wasn’t so impressed with the Upton Tea Imports Idulgashinna Estate black tea in my last review but it didn’t stop me from making the best of it. If you haven’t checked out my Sencha Citrus Punch Iced Tea recipe it’s very easy and so so good.  I’ve been doing a lot of mandala forms lately, they seem pretty popular on my Instagram. In this first series I branched out into kaleidoscope forms which also seems to be getting some attention and I carried them forward to featured them in the second series. I also got a new pot from Tang Pin that I used in my Tea Art Banner. You’ll be seeing more of it in my next review for Da Hong Pao.

Idulgashinna Estate OP Organic Series


Sencha Citrus Punch Series

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