Gyokuro Cha Musume (Nio Teas)

Gong-Go Rating:


Updated 3/7/19 – the previous post cited Gykuro Cha Meijin in error I had some problems with Nio’s labeling. It wasn’t the same between website, invoice, & packaging =(

Results:Β One of those special teas that are all about the experience. Giving a rich tea soup full of umami, Nio’s Organic Gyokuro was worthy of savoring. I finished my first session relaxed & ready to take on big things.

Vendor: Nio Teas

Tea: Gyokuro Cha Musume

Type: Green

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

Tasting:Β 3 grams / 140Β°/ 75ml / 2min –Β  30sec – 1.5 min – 2min – 3min – 4min – 5min – 6min

Gong-Go Gear: Tangpin Mini Kyusu

Average number of infusions:Β  6



The last few months have been a challenge. Getting a blog set up, building an audience, and keeping up with fresh content is a job. In the process of getting a routine established, the experience of having tea has been something I’ve sacrificed for more productive time – until now.

Nio’s Organic Goykuro brought me back to my tea roots and long conversations as a child having tea with my grandfather. After about the third cup I fell into a restful contemplative state. When I finished my first tea session I was drawn by a strong desire to get back to my tea root and pulled out all the stops for a real tea session.


I don’t normally refer to “tea soup” but in the case of this Goykuro, its accurate to the very last drop. Considering the low water temp of 140Β° it produced an incredibly rich tea. Full of umami, I got strong notes of artichoke hearts and fresh off the vine raw beans. The finish was buttery, oily, and addictive. I couldn’t stop drinking it. After about the 8th cup I switched to grampa style and shot the water temperature up to boiling. The extra heat did stew the leaves a bit, but the flavor is good I don’t mind the bits – brewing up my 8th infusion right now and feeling inspired.

What I liked most about this tea was how it got me thinking. I’ve been all over the place lately and this special Gyokuro helped me to ground myself me back down to earth. There are so many reasons out there to drink tea and all of its fans have their litany of reasons close at hand. Take them all, make a tea out of them, and what do you have left? They all boil down to the sum of those experiences – where tea made it all better.


Nio’s Organic Guykuro is one of those thought-provoking teas I won’t soon forget.

Gong-Go Tasting

Dry Aroma:


Rich Umami



Some breakage during shipping – dusty bits.



bright green with a fragrant vegetal aroma



Full of umami & artichoke hearts

Mouth Feel:


Oily and thick

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 1 :


Loved it from the first sip – rich tea soup

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 2 – 3:


If possible even better – full of umami & artichoke hearts

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 4 – 5:


Buttery rich with garden fresh raw bean notes

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 6-10:


Full on vegetal.

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 11-13:


Delicate and addictive.


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