2016 Big Snow Mountain Wild Arbor Ra Pu-erh (Yunnan Sourcing)

Gong-Go Rating:


Results:Β A delicate pu’erh with faint woodsy & stone fruit notes. An interesting Wild Arbor Tea worth sampling if you can find it – Yunnan Sourcing is already sold out.

Vendor: Yunnan Sourcing

Tea: 2016 Yunnan Sourcing “Big Snow Mountain” Wild Arbor Raw Pu-erh Tea cake

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Type: Raw (Sheng) Pu’erh

Origin: Big Snow Mountain of Mengku County, Lincang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China

Tasting:Β 6 grams / 212Β°/ 100ml / Rinse 20-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-60-65-90-120 (seconds)

Gong-Go Gear: Gorumia GTP9815 (get your’s via my Amazon Affiliate Link)

Average number of infusions:Β  5-6



Another new tea I was really excited to try. Pu’erh, in general, is new to me. I’ve had ripe (shou) but this is my first raw (sheng). The difference lies in the fermentation. Raw/sheng pu’erh is not piled and fermented but allowed to age naturally.

Harvested from wild trees on Big Snow Mountain near Lincang, if you look at this area via satellite or Google Earth, its verdant green and covered by forest. Having moved to the desert from the Pacific Northwest, it sent longing pains for the shades of green forest right to my heart – I do so miss the forest of my old home.


If you’ve been following my blog you know I’m not a big fan of bitter or dry teas. I like them juicy and mouthwatering. If reduced to one word I’d have to call this tea “parched.” Having reviewed/tried a number of Wild Arbor teas and only ripe pu’erh, I may have had some unrealistic expectations. Only time will tell as I try more raw pu’erh (I’ll be reviewing another this month).

For a Wild Arbor tea, this one lacked the complexity I’ve come to expect from teas that Mother Nature has played a big hand in growing. I found the flavor pretty much indistinct and could only pick up slightly woody and stone fruit notes – it just didn’t punch my tastebuds. Don’t let that stop you from trying it if you can get your hands on some – Yunnan Sourcing is already sold out so obviously this tea has a substantial fan base.


Gong-Go Tasting

Dry Aroma:


Faint woody notes



Uniform lightly pressed cake w/whole and tippy leaves



Beautiful golden peach



Faint stone fruits with a woody background

Mouth Feel:


Parched mouth puckering dry

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 1 :


Slippery and silky with faint notes of stone fruit & bone dry

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 2 – 3:


Lovely apricot notes but still very dry

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 4 – 5:


A bit juicier but, fruit notes faded to indistinct vegetal

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 6-10:


Dryness disappeared along with the flavor

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 11-15:


Tried to get the flavor back with longer steeps, but it just wasn’t there


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