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Gourmia GTP9815 – Product Review

Gong-Go Rating:


Results: Inventive design & perfect for smaller infusions. Extra safety features prevent breaking make it a great choice for the office.ย 

Vendor: Gourmia

Product Name: GTP9815 (get yours via my Amazon Affiliate link here)

Purchase Date: November 2018


I was really excited to get my Gourmia GTP9815. Up until now, I’ve only used those bottom dispensing infusers that you sit on top of your cup. When I first saw this I thought this design was ingenious – a bottom dispensing infuser with its OWN POT, BRILLIANT!


Elegant and sleek with a wonderful spout and strong pour, the overall size was perfect for my desk and now sits there all day. The handle is easy to grip, doesn’t slip, and adds to the overall elegance of the design. Easy to break apart, the GTP9815 goes right into the dishwasher without any fuss.ย ย 


Now that I know this style of infuser is out there, I’ve run across a few more. Gourmia’s though has a unique feature that actually sold me on the product before I even purchased one – a rubber base. I’m a bit of a clutz and the rubber base (easily comes on and off) is a unique safety feature that I love and makes this product one step above the rest.ย 

Unfortunately, the brew basket and size of the pot are out of whack. The packaging/advertising is rather deceptive. As you can see in the image on their box it looks like the infuser made up enough tea to fill the pot – THAT IS NOT THE CASE.ย After adding your tea, the infuser basket holds about 175m, 6oz, or 3/4 of a cup. My brewing preferences start at 8oz so this presented a problem for me. If I want a full cup of tea you have to make two brews (the pot holds about three). While not really a big deal, we are talking seconds here, when I look at the overall design there seems to be a problem with the pot size to infuser capacity ratio.ย Another issue was the lid – it is not attached and will fall off if not held in place.ย 

In the end, the Gourmia GTP9815 is now my exclusive Pu’erh infuser, and I do really love it. While I’m learning to appreciate the funky dankness of Pu’erh, I don’t sit and drink cup after cup, and the size has worked out so that I keep it at my desk next to my small electric kettle always ready for a quick cup of tea.ย 


If you looking for a great tea infuser for the office, this is an excellent choice.ย 


Gong-Go Product Review

Design Rating


The infuser basket is much too small for the size of the actual pot.ย 

Functionality Rating


The lid is not attached and must be held in place;

Multiple infusions needed to get 8 ounces

Care Rating


Comes apart easily and cleans up well

Safety Rating


Rubber base cover/padding prevents accidental breakage;

lid is not attached & has the potential for burns.

Durability Rating


The stopper is now dripping after three months of use

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