2013 Shou Mei White Tea Cake Series

Crazy week. Still learning the social media ropes & spent way more time than I should have on Instagram. Also had a rough time with this review. Turns out that foreign matter in sun-dried tea is not unheard of and I ended up having to revise the review for this tea after chatting with Yunnan Sourcing. I was pulling my hair out for a while as I really loved this tea but it did have some unwanted bits. In the end, I gave it five stars and it deserves it.

I really wanted to spend more time on this series than I was able to, but I’m really behind on to many different things so I’m going with what I’ve got and moving on to my next tea review and a million other things that I’ve not touched in too many days.

This is the beautiful Shou Mei Tea Cake I started with:


And here’s where it took me:

Uggh, I just realized that I’ve got a few more images that are not in the correct format to post here. They will be up in my feed on the right later and you can also see them on Instagram later.

All works in this series are original and available for purchase as HD Acrylic prints. Email me for more information with the image and approximate size you’re interested in  ~ Gong-Go Guy

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