Imperial Pure Gold Bi Luo Chan Series

Sourcing tea for this blog is a bit of a challenge. Of everything I have to do, picking which teas to purchase and review takes up more thought than anything else. Once I identify a tea I want to review I have to look at the cost, see if anyone else has already reviewed it, place an order, and then wait hoping it gets here before some other blog places their stamp on it. Not that having more than one opinion is a bad thing, but I’m trying to build a niche for myself and if everyone is reviewing the same thing it can be hard to do.

When I first saw Yunnan Sourcing’s Imperial Pure Gold Bi Luo Chan I didn’t give it a second thought. Ideas for this series flew through my head on wings of inspiration and I knew I had to have it regardless if it tasted like piss water or not. Luckily the tea is as divine tasting as it is beautiful.

Here’s where it all started:

This series ended up being something like thirty-one individual pieces. I couldn’t post them all here. You can see them all on my instagram account gonggo_guy. I’m posting the best of the best here.


I could go on and on with these fuzzy little beauties and had to eventually call it quits. I really moved out my comfort zone and took some cues from pop art. I hope you like them as much as I do.

All works in this series are original and available for purchase as HD Acrylic prints. Email me for more information with the image and approximate size you’re interested in.

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