Hubei Province Keemun Ji Hong Series (Upton Tea Imports)

Happy New Year! I’m so excited about 2019. I have lots of goals and plans to keep up with this year, one of which is to stay connected to and evolving my art. This blog will help with that. I’ve also a new story Dark Matters that I’m going to complete the first draft on by June and another one in the works that is yet untitled – I will have the outline done this month.

Learned quite a bit about Keemun’s with my last review and even though Hebei Province Keemun Ji Hong is not a “true” Keemun, it is one of my favorites. I guess I’m not alone on that either. Last I checked Upton was sold out. I’ve been promoting it all month with a couple of my blends and it would be nice to think I might have something to do about that, but who knows. Anyone reading this blog order some? I’d love to know.

Three images were the source for this series:

With all the goals I’ve set, I’ve decided like with the last few Tea Art Posts to let my art speak for itself and will forego any individual commentary on each piece moving forward.




Feeling so good about the New Year and WISHING EVERYONE THE BEST!

All works in this series are original and available for purchase as HD Acrylic prints. Email me for more information with the image and approximate size you’re interested in.

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