Fengqing Dragon Pearl Series

Well, I made it through Christmas with only one major burn to my little finger – it hurts like hell, but I’m not letting it stop me.  It was all worth it as I had a wonderful day with my family, ate like a pig, and had probably one too many glasses of wine as well.

I was so excited to get this series up I forgot to do a blog post and jumped right into posting on Instagram. They won’t all be up there for another hour. I’m tired and ready for bed so down to the quick and dirty tonight. Oh yeah, before I forget the tea used in this series was purchased from Teavivre and a recommended Gong-Go Essential Tea everyone should have in their tea chest. You can check out my recent review here.

These are the two images everything in this series was based on:

And here is where they took me:










OMG, I lost one. I’ve looked everywhere and even did a recent file search and one of my favorites in this series is missing. One of the drawbacks to being a digital artist is losing files and thought I don’t do it often, it really sucks when I do. Hope you see something you like. I’m particularly fond of the last one and think it is going to go up in my room.

All works in this series are original and available for purchase as HD Acrylic prints. Email me for more information with the image and approximate size you’re interested in.


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