Tea Gong-Go Tasting Review – Huang Shan Mao Feng (Teavivre)

Gong-Go Rating:


Results: A vibrant green tea great for winding down your day or as a nightcap. Its sweet hay & alfalfa aroma are followed by a tangy vegetal flavor. The silky smoothness of this tea makes it a great choice for those who have stayed away from green teas due to bitterness.

Vendor: Tea Vivre

Tea: Haung San Mao Feng

Type: Green

Origin: Dailing Tea Garden, She County, Anhui Province, China

Tasting: 9.5grams / 185°/ 8oz / rinse 5-30-60-90 (seconds)

Gong-Go Gear: ingenuiTea by Adagio Teas (order via my Amazon Affiliate Link)

Average number of infusions:  3



The last two months have been crazy. I probably didn’t pick the best time to launch this new blog, but when inspiration strikes it is best to go with it or risk losing it. Now that I’ve set my holiday menu, finished the shopping, and conquered the craziness that is social media I can get back to what I really intended for this blog: learning about and trying new teas. I’ve managed to hold up on the trying part, but the with all the hoops you have to go through to develop a social media presence the leaning part got brushed over.

So about this tea, Huang Shan Mao Feng translates to Yellow Mountain Fur Peak. If you not sure how to pronounce it correctly there is a great example here from Seven Cups Fine Chinese Tea. Though not a linguist if I was to write it phonetically it would look something like this: wong-san-maow-fung.

File:Location of Huangshan Prefecture within Anhui (China).png
Image provided by Croquant

Produced in She County (Shexian) in the southeast part of Anhui Province near Huang Shan City. This area is known for its fine green teas and Huang Shan Mao Feng is among one of the most famous. The region is well suited for tea gardens with the Huangshan and Tianmushan mountain ranges providing the high elevations required for superior production and quality. Harvesting time starts in April for the finest and goes through May for lower grades with the plucking of one bud and two leaves.

One of the things I really like about Teavivre is that they always provide a significant amount of information regarding their sources along with any history or myths surrounding their tea. For this one they had they provided the following legend about its origin:

Since this tea should ideally be grown in the high mountains, with cool and cloudy weather, the area around Mt. HuangShan in Anhui has been used to cultivate high quality tea for centuries. Modern HuangShan MaoFeng tea, however, traces its roots back to the late 1800’s when a merchant called Xie Zheng An, who fled the war at the time, decided to setup a family tea business at HuangShan Mountain. Named after where it was produced – HuangShan mountain, and its appearance – looking like a fur covered mountain peak, the tea his family produced quickly became very popular in China due to its excellent quality, great taste and enticing aroma.

The moment I opened the sample the green vegetal aroma had my mouth watering. Since I’m using Adagio’s ingeniuTEA 16oz as my vessel and only had two 5oz samples, I infused 9.5 grams with 8oz of water at their recommended temperature of 185°. I was a bit concerned that this might be too hot since I use 175° for most of my greens. I usually start at about 15s as well but followed their infusion times and it turned out perfect. Typical of most green teas it presented glorious aromas of hay and alfalfa. The flavor profile was clearly vegetal with notes of asparagus and sweet pea finish. Most importantly there was not a hint of bitterness or astringency, but rather a smooth buttery quality.

The reasonable pricing and high quality make this a great choice for those who’ve been turned off by bitter green teas in the past.

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20181220205408898_COVER (1)

Gong-Go Tasting

Dry Aroma:


Brilliant fresh hay and cut alfalfa



Mostly dry leaf with few hairy buds



pale green with the sents of fresh mown grass



Invigorating asparagus and sweet pea vegetal notes.

Mouth Feel:


A slight tangy tingle.

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 1 :


Light and mellow vegetal notes with no bitterness

Gong-Go Rating Infusion 2 – 3:


 A distinct asparagus note with a sweet-pea finish.

Alternate Vendors:

Teavivre Huang Shan Mao Feng (available via my Amazon Affiliate Link)

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