Golden Moon Tea Tie Guan Yin Series

Wow, the holidays are taking me for a beating. We’re celebrating at my house this year and today was all about an appetizer and the soup course. The soup was a hit and on the menu. The appetizer – not so much. I’ll have to go back to the drawing board on that one. I think I’m going to pull my chicken enchilada recipe out and either wrap it in a wonton or put it in a phyllo cup. It’s always a winner and I really just want to get the menu done.

My art has been the only thing keeping me sain this month. Even though I’m up until the wee hours of the morning working on it – its really the only fun I’ve had this month. I put more time into this new Golden Moon Tea Tie Guan Yin Series than I probably should have and I’m very tired this week. Not to mention that I’m behind on the day job and will be working on Saturday to make up for it. But like I said, my art is the only thing that’s kept me grounded enough not to feel like a headless chicken running around the yard.

For this series, I used a number of wet leaf images. Some worked and some I’m on the fence about – I guess I’m going to post them anyway since I did spend more time on them than I should have.

Here’s where I started:


Which lead me here, and I do like these next three.


I’m especially fond of this next one and think I may have it printed on acrylic for my living room.


This one is also a contender for printing. I’m partial to the blue/taupe/camel colors.


From there I wanted to do something windswept and decided to rearrange my wet tea leaves as follows:


After that, I took much to much time fussing with the next two and I’m not really happy with either. I’m only posting so you can see where I went with them which I’m slightly more pleased with.

I was trying for lots of movement but I could never get it right and finally gave up. But I do like where they took me next.


This one also didn’t work out as hoped. I wanted each of the four panels to have a different rotation, but it was three in the morning and I did need to work the next day.


From there I went back to the original wet leaf and got wrapped up with multiple tiles of the same image. And I’m rather proud of where I ended up.


From here it was all about perspective. I’ve never done anything like this and rather like it.


The last few were so dark I ended by lightening it up with my favorite color blue and again played with perspective.


Well, that’s it for this series. It’s almost 8pm here I still need to wrap up the day job.


Gong-Go Guy =)


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