Goji Berry Lime Punch Series

Its been a rough week and I’ve been looking forward to producing this series. The source image is beautiful all by itself. I love this tea blend and it tastes as good as it looks. You can get the recipe here.


Instead of using one image for this series I’ve used three. Along with the one above, I’ve also incorporated these two as well.


Here is the first one in this series. Can you tell what image I started with?


Two images were used to produce these next two. Yes, the first does look like its moving. Many of my pieces feature this type of optical illusion.


This next one is a bit on the dark side, kinda like me. I can stare at works like this for hours.


Juxtaposition is something else you’ll see a lot in my work. I think the abstract texture broken up by the geometric blocks really works in this next piece.


Then I stumbled on to a little tea fairy lurking in around. Can you see him?


Once I spotted him, I tried to shine a light on him but he’s very shy and started throwing willow wisps my way.


After getting blindsided by an angry fairy, I thought a little perspective was in order.


Last but not least, my Goji Berry Lime Tea Blend was so beautiful I decided to frame it.


Well, that’s it for this series. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did making them.

Thanks again for stopping by ~ Gong-Go Guy.


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