Goji Berry Lime Punch

Wow – what a weekend. Managed to finish the Christmas shopping then got sucked into the abyss that is Instagram Stories. It took me a good chunk of the weekend, but I finally think I’ve got it down and a process in place for this social network. It’s time to relax and I’m going to do so with a Goji Berry Lime Punch Blend.

I’m fortunate to have access to all the citrus fruit I want and picked the last of the key limes this morning. This is one of my favorite blends. The unique flavor of the dried goji berries are brightened by the lime zest and squeeze of juice before drinking.

To bring up the berry another notch, I added dried cranberries and elderberries. A bit of candied pineapple rounded out the lime zest and provides a touch of sweetness. A tangy blend, a bit of sugar to taste is recommended.

As for the tea, I save my white tea fannings for this blend with a bit of Sencha for a fuller body.



Goji Berry Lime Punch Tea Blend Recipe



White Organic Pai Mu Tan Supreme Fannings (Upton Tea Imports) – 1 gram

Japanese Sencha (Upton Tea Imports) – 0.5 grams

dried goji berries – 7 grams

dried cranberries – 7 grams

dried elderberries – 1.5 grams

candied pineapple – 11 grams

Kosher salt – less than a pinch or eliminated

water – 16 oz 185°

steep time – 3 to 5 minutes


Blending Instructions:

First, weigh out the fruit then place them on a cutting board or into your food processor. The finer you chop them the more flavor they will impart to your tea blend.

Next weight out your tea and add to your chopped fruit along with the salt and toss gently to combine.


Bring water to a boil and pour into a 16 oz capacity teapot to heat up the pot for a few seconds. Once your vessel is warm, pour out the water, add the tea blend, and put back on the lid (don’t add the water yet). Give the pot a shake so all the ingredients come into contact with the warm pot and let it sit a minute. By allowing the tea blend to warm up first, it will begin releasing its aroma and make a more flavorful infusion. Once the tea blend has warmed up, add 16 oz of 185° water and steep for 3-5 minutes. After pouring give it a squeeze of lime juice and sugar to taste, then enjoy.

Puch Up The Punch:

You can make a great variation on this blend with candied ginger. I use about 3 grams, but you may want to play with it.

Goji Berries Lime Punch is a great blend with the unique flavor. Once you try it I’m sure you’ll be adding dried goji berries to your shopping list (I get my at Winco).

Happy Holidays!

Gong-Go Guy



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