X-mass came early for me! You might want to add these to your list.

I’m so excited. I got my first Tetsubin Cast Iron Kettle today and a new Jian wear teacup. Merry Christmas to me. If you looking for something special for yourself or for someone else, you couldn’t go wrong with these beautiful pieces. The kettle is back cast iron with an enamel finish on the inside and includes a huge brew basket. The cup is a lustrous rose gold that I’m so happy to add to my collection. The oil drop glaze is just gorgeous.




If you’ve been in the market for one of these I’d get one before they run out. The prices are rock bottom at the moment! You can get your’s via my affiliate links below:

Old Dutch Cast Iron Sapporo Teapot, 20-Ounce, Black

New Chin Road Jian ware mosaic gold tea bowl – 100% Handmade Chinese Kungfu Teacup (1pcs)

I’ll have a full review for you in December. They just looked so nice and the price was too good not to tell everyone about them right now!


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