Gong-Go Product Review – Tiesta Brewmaster Review

Gong-Go Rating:


Results: GONG-GO PREFERRED INFUSER! With a 16oz capacity, this is my favorite bottom-dispensing infuser. If I had to recommend ONLY ONE – this would be it! The larger size allows plenty of space for your tea to bloom.Β 


Product Name: Brewmaster

Purchase Date: 2013


I picked this infuser up on a whim while shopping at Winco. It’s BPA chemical free which is a must for plastics used with high temperatures. The strainer is a fine mesh that produces a clear liquor and is easily removed for cleaning. Dishwasher safe, the removable lid makes cleaning a breeze.

Whenever asked what is the best bottom-dispensing infuser, this is my recommendation. The larger 16 oz capacity size allows plenty of room for the tea to bloom. With the extra leaf used in the Gong-Go Flash-Infusion Style of brewing, you always have enough room after the first steep for a second, third or however many your particular tea provides in the Brewmaster.Β 

Available on Amazon

If your new to Gong-Go or loose leaf brewing in general, this is where you want to start!

Gong-Go Product Review

Design Rating


Great design that wont take up a lot of space and its BPA Free.

Functionality Rating


The larger 16 oz capacity leaves plenty of room for tea bloom.

Care Rating


A removable top and strainer fit easily into a dishwasher

Safety Rating


The bottom-dispensing feature prevents any concern about burns.

Durability Rating


In use for five years now and going strong.Β 

Disclaimer:Β  Tea Gong-Go participates in affiliate marketing, if you’re using an ad blocker you’ll miss out a significant portion of the content reviewed here.


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