Gong-Go Product Review – Krups Adjustable Temperature Kettle

Gong-Go Rating:


Results: A bit heavy & on the large size, but the preset buttons where my dream come true. 

Vendor: Krups

Product Name: Adjustable Temperature Kettle (BW710D51)

Purchase Date: 2018


I’ve wanted a variable temperature water kettle for years know. The first ones I saw were Japanese. Clucky looking and expensive, I passed and kept looking but the prices were always out of my budget and I eventually stopped. When I decided to do this blog I realized going without one was no longer an option and found there were now some reasonably priced ones the market. After lots of back and forth, I gave myself a $50 budget, and this is where I landed.


This kettle is loaded with six temperatures for all your favorite teas: 160°, 175°, 185°, 190°, 200°, and 212°. The backlighting is an attractive blue and there is a pleasant beep to notify you when your water is ready.  It also comes with a warm feature that will keep your water at the temperature you selected for thirty minutes. They were all pluses but there are some drawbacks as well.

When you select the desired temperature and then the warm button, both are lit up. But once the desired temp is reached that button light goes off with only the warm light remaining. If you forget what temp you selected or the wrong one, you’re out of luck and was a minus for functionality.

I also would not get this for anyone that has problems lifting heavy objects or grasping large ones. While I appreciate the ability to have 1.7 liters of hot water, I can’t ever remember needing that much for tea. I’m one of those people that has problems grasping large heavy objects and never fill it more than half full which to me is a waste of material. I would rather have seen this cut down to a more manageable size. On the flip side if you have a large family of tea drinkers this is perfect. But the handle is still much too big in my opinion. If your lifting something that is dangerous you need a firm grip and some people will have problems. It lost a point for design and safety there.

Last but not least, getting inside it to give it a scrub is next to impossible, but if your only putting water in it I guess that’s not really an issue. The option would have been nice though. 


Available on Amazon

These types of kettles are pricey and for around fifty bucks its a solid buy for the convenience.

Gong-Go Product Review

Design Rating


The handle was much too bulky

Functionality Rating


Overly large and heavy when filled to capacity but the presets are heaven

Care Rating


Next to impossible to give it a good hand cleaning on the inside. 

Safety Rating


For the physically impaired this kettle could be a challenge. 

Durability Rating


A sturdy design I’ve had no issues with. 


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