It’s launch day – Welcome to my Gong-Go Journey!

Hi, Tea Lover. Gong-Go Guy here. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve dedicated this website to getting you the best tea possible in the fastest amount of time with my flash-infusion method developed specifically for bottom-dispensing infusers. I call this time-saving method Gong-Go; a fusion of the traditional Gong Fu method but updated for the active lifestyle on the Go! While we all love to get out our tea sets for a relaxing moment, sometimes we need a good cup fast. Here at Tea Gong-Go, I’ll help you do just that.

My love of tea started many years ago at my grandfather’s knee. A prisoner of war during WWII, he recuperated in London where his nurse introduced him to afternoon tea. When he returned home to the US, he brought his new found passion with him and shared it with his family. It’s my honor to share it with you here.

It was about 2010 when my tea journey took an unexpected leap with a job at Teavana where I discovered the Perfect Teamaker and a whole new world of tea. Though Teavana stores are no more, and I’m unsure of the production fate of their amazing infuser, I still use mine daily – even if it is now stained a lovely chocolate brown.

At Teavana, I received extensive training in the culture of tea and my love of this wonderful leaf has only grown since then. Over the years I’ve perfected a flash-fusion method that combines the style of traditional Chinese Gong Fu brewing with modern bottom-dispensing infusers to give you the perfect  8 to 12 oz cup of tea in seconds versus minutes.

Here at Tea Gong-Go, you’ll learn how to flash-infuse the perfect cup in a fraction of the time it takes to make western style. Gong-Go is a no fuss, convenient, and easy method for keeping up with the active lifestyles of today.

To learn more about Gong-Go you can read about the basics here at The Way of Gong-Go. Please don’t stop there though. I’ve filled my website with all kinds of information and will bring, you tastings & product reviews, blending recipes, and more as my tea journey continues. 

I’ll be posting all my static pages throughout the day on Sunday, November 18 along with a few tea tasting and product reviews to get us started. I’m also going to get tea drunk in celebration of this launch on two special teas I’ve been saving for the occasion: a Tia Ping Hou Kui and a Pu’erh not touched in six years. I might even get reviews out for those tomorrow as well. If not look for within the next week.

Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you’ll come back often and share a cup of tea with me!

Gong-Go Guy (aka Todd, Reed or TJ – I wear many hats)

Disclaimer:  Tea Gong-Go participates in affiliate marketing, if you’re using an ad blocker you’ll miss out on a significant portion of the product & tea content reviewed here.

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