A Gong-Go Essential Tea Review – Halmari Estate Assam CTC BOP (Upton Tea Importers)

Gong-Go Rating:


Results: Perfect for the afternoon cuppa & anyone new to loose leaf tea. Recommended as one of the Gong-Go Essential Tea’s everyone should have!

Vendor: Upton Tea Importers

Tea: Halmari Single Estate Assam CTC BOP

Type: Black (cut-tear-curl)

Origin: India

Tasting: 6 grams / 212°/ 10 oz / 1 minute

Average number of infusions:  1 (two if you want a low caffeine tea in the evening)


If you’ve been exploring teagonggo.com you probably know by now that my tea journey started with my grandfather; this tea always reminds me of him. If you ever want to know what I’m doing around noon each day, this is my go-to cuppa pick-me-up and I recommend everyone have some of this tea in the cupboard; in fact, I’ve designated it one of the Gong-Go Essential Teas!

This tea comes from the famous Halmari Estate of India, one of the best-known producers for the last 100 years. Grown at around sea level it is processed in the cut-tear-curl (CTC) method and a mid-grade in quality (BOP). For the price though, you can’t get a better cup of tea to rejuvenate your afternoon.

The best description I have for this tea is delicious. Bold and strong, it fills the mouth with notes of chocolate and molasses and is perfect with milk and sugar – just how I like my afternoon tea. Due to the CTC processing, I don’t recommend it for second infusions unless you top it off with a fresh teaspoon of tea. This is not a whole leaf tea and really not suited for multiple infusions. That said, I generally just add more tea on top of yesterdays until it starts taking up too much room.

I’ve been buying this tea from Upton Tea for years now and it’s always available at a great price. Please note, I’m not affiliated in any way with Upton Tea and receive no compensation for recommending this tea.

Gong-Go Tasting

Dry Aroma:


Malt and deep forest aromas.



Fine even appearance with flecks of gold.

Liquor Aroma:


Deep and dark with hints of toffee and brown sugar.



Chocolate and molasses, especially when milk and sugar are added.

Mouth Feel:


Mouth-watering and fresh.

Alternate Vendors:

Nargis New Season Fresh Tea 2018 Assam CTC First Flush Chai Halmari BPS Tea Healthy Herbal 100 Grams



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